Logs & Coal Price Guide

Fuel TypeDescriptionPrice
Oxbow Red Smokeless Coal20kg bags£15.50
Oxbow Newheat Smokeless Coal20kg bags£16.00
Brazier Smokeless Coal20kg bags.

Kindling Wood Various sizes and quantities available £4.00 - £16.00
Ash LogsKiln dried hard wood logs. Sold in nets£11
Alder LogsKiln dried hard wood logs sold in nets/bags.
Birch LogsKiln dried hard wood logs. Sold in nets
Homefire Heat LogsThese high-energy, ultra dry heat logs provide an excellent alternative to traditional firewood.

Made from just compressed wood
100% clean with no additives or chemicals
Easy to light
Burn with a sustained heat and attractive flame
Suitable for wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires or chimeneas
Use alone or as a fire starter
Fire Lighters 12 in a packThese fire lighters are suitable for smokeless fuels they are also long burning and more efficient£1.00
Homefire Fibre-lighters 28 Cubes of 100% Natural firelighters. This product is made from a blend of compressed pinewood and vegetable oil. Giving you a completely natural firelighter. This product is unlike the paraffin based firelighters the smell as these are odourless and also very easy to light.£1.50
Homefire Twizlers 300gNatural Firelighters for Fires, Stoves, Chimeneas and Barbecues. This product is 100% Natural Firelighters and is made from a collection of small pieces of wood, wool and wax which will light in most conditions. They burn with a smokeless and odourless flame for up to 10 minutes and will not transfer odour or residue onto food that is being cooked on a BBQs. It is also very simple to light as all you will need to do is simply light the edge of the firelighter to help get your fires going.£2.50

V.A.T has been included in the price.